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About the library Bodoconsult.Core.Tools.Zip

What does the library

Bodoconsult.Core.Zip library simplifies the handling of ZIP files in C#. With the ZipHandler class you can add one or more files to a ZIP archive. With the UnZipHandler class you can unzipped the files contained in a ZIP archive.

How to use the library

The source code contain a NUnit test classes, the following source code is extracted from. The samples below show the most helpful use cases for the library.

Create a ZIP files

Use ZipHandler class to build a ZIP Archive from one or more files:

        var toZip1 = Path.Combine(TestHelper.TestDataPath, @"logo.jpg");
        var toZip2 = Path.Combine(TestHelper.TestDataPath, @"logo1.jpg");
        var zipFileName = Path.Combine(TestHelper.TempPath, @"");

        // Zip files with a password
        var zh = new ZipHandler(new[] { toZip1, toZip2 }, "Test123!");

Open an existing ZIP fileS

Use the UnZipHandler class to unzip the files contained in a ZIP archive:

        var zipFile = Path.Combine(TestHelper.TestDataPath, @"");
        var targetPath = TestHelper.TempPath;

        var uh = new UnZipHandler(zipFile);
        foreach (var f in uh.Files)
            var fileName = Path.Combine(targetPath, f.FileName);

            if (File.Exists(fileName)) File.Delete(fileName);

            // Get file data and save it
            var data = uh.GetFileData(f.Path);

            File.WriteAllBytes(fileName, data);

About us

Bodoconsult is a Munich based software development company from Germany.

Robert Leisner is senior software developer at Bodoconsult. See his profile on